Corymbia citriodora

Lemon-scented Gum

A tall tree recognised by its smooth pale bark and citrus aroma.

Features: Lemon scent. Smooth, pale bark. Open canopy.
Applications: Streetscape, landscape, parks, large gardens, avenues.
Description Perhaps the best known avenue of Lemon-scented gums in WA is the one that overlooks Perth in King's Park. Characterised by its smooth, powdery pale white/pink/copper bark, airy limbs and high open canopy the tree will feature prominently in any garden or landscape. The 'lemon' scent that it produces distinguishes it from other closely-related species (eg maculata) and adds to the trees significant appeal. Some instances of falling limbs may have perhaps unfairly tarnished its wider reputation as a useful tree - used in an appropriate site in a park, garden or streetscape where appropriate care or maintainence can be upheld this tree continues to offer the same potential in a garden or landscape environment that it always has.
Availability: Torbay, Champion Lakes : Currently unavailable
Mature height: 40-50
Mature spread: 15-20
Canopy: Loosely rounded, open, irregular. Light to moderate shade depending on age and shape.
Growth rate: Fast
Cautions: Adult trees are large. Provide appropriate shaping and maintainence to improve structural integrity.
Tolerances: Dry summers. Low rainfall. Poor soils.
Sun demands: Full sun or part shade
Soil demands: A variety of soils, loamy, sandy. Tolerates poor soils.
Water demands: Low
Native or Exotic: Native
Leaf habit: Evergreen
Family: Myrtaceae
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Corymbia citriodora  image 2
Corymbia citriodora  image 3
Corymbia citriodora  image 4

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